Memories is an installation design project that links design with human interaction by creating an emotional connection through which the user relates to the design.
The intention of this design is to remind every adult about the one thing we all have in common, childhood. There is always a reason of we are what we are and who we are today.

Every one of us has experiences that set us for life. They create our being and purpose, making us who we are as adults.  What you remember most, you remember as a child and will do so forever. Some of my own childhood memories have etched likes; dislikes and fears in our minds that will last forever.

As a ceramics designer, I want to present a design that is individual and unique.
But at the same time they can also represent as strong and beauty when they are place together.

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The Living Light

The Living light is a wall light, which functions as a vertical garden, allowing users to grow plants in limited indoor area, to make good use of available vertical surface area, preserving floor space.

The intention of this design is because nowadays the density of population in cities is very high but there is also serious shortage of land supply, green were removed for developer to build new development, mostly apartments or offices, which mean there is no garden for planting (space efficient systems).